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Monday, 14 January 2013 22:13

Health, Happiness, and Zumba!

Written by Elizabeth

zumba-logoThere is no disputing that Zumba fitness is a growing and booming name in the fitness industry today. Recently, this fitness craze has received some of the highest honors in the fitness industry including the award of Company of the Year by INC. Magazine. But what makes this particular form of movement and music so appealing? What sends millions of people to Zumba classescoty every week in countries around the world? What is so special about it anyway? Our very own front office beauty, Donita, summed it up perfectly for me one night after our own Brookhaven Zumba class. Zumba gives our ladies results.

woman in greenThis answer may seem simple, but it has many facets. The results are not only physical, although this may be the first result that is seen. There have been many an afternoon where my dedicated Zumbasilhouette participants are moving a little slower because of the cardio-blasting workout from the night before. Slowly, after an amount of time that is individual to each person, these ladies go from only staying around for two or three songs to shaking their bonbons the whole class! zumba ladiesThe physical results are obvious. It is the emotional results that may take looking a little closer to see, but these are the most beautiful and most exquisite. Through dance and movement, these ladies are able to break free of chains that have kept them from moving, not only physically but also emotionally. It is inspiring to watch the smiles and laughter that emerge from a facewoman after workout that once carried worry and confusion. Tension is released, confidence is built, and keep calm zumbaresults are seen. The positive change in these women is obvious and the joy they radiate is contagious.

Zumba promotes and provides a celebration of life and health. It is not just a workout or fitness routine anymore, it is a tool that helps us in our journey of recovery. A common promotional quote from the Zumba nation says, “Ditch the workout, join the party.” This is a party. It is a party that celebrates the radiance and vibrancy of these beautiful women as they are building a life worth living.


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