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Wednesday, 16 January 2013 21:13

Maximizer Fatigue

Written by Jacqueline Dawes

clothes shoppingHave you ever been with one of those people when after spending the day with them you could pull all your hair out and still run for cover in a Nomadic desert cave? I did not know what this personality trait really was until I went shopping with an acquaintance who I thought I knew more rather than less. The maximizer is the person who researchescoffee and reading everything they plan to buy, but is still never happy with what they buy. They always imagine there is some better choice they could have made that was somehow better than what they have. This was the kiss of death to any good moods that were in the air the day the maximizer and I went kitchen equipment purchasing. After trudging back to Williams Sonoma five times to exchange, re-exchange and so on, I came to understand this friend was not able to make a decision and move on.

trim choiceThe state of living in a daily constant choice dilemma from toilet tissue to frying pan is the source of decision fatigue. Even when choosing a toothbrush it is at least an hour ordeal looking at every toothbrush available and then fretting over each one. The amount of hours spent on this could probably give a one-week vacation in time alone!!!!williams sonoma

Decision deadlines are good.

If you know one of your own habits is sucking all the energy out of you then it's time to set limits if you can, and if not, get a good friend to help you. If you think the way you go about making decisions is odd or excessively time consuming so much so that you might even feel frustrated or overwhelmed, you might want to keep a note of how many times you rethink a decision.

Of course it's a good thing to think bigwhich way decisions through thoroughly. Those that are not life threatening or life-changing might need a shortened leash.

Being a decisive decision maker is more relieving than you might know. The practice of reliving decisions over and over again can be traumatic, as it does not allow you to keep moving forward. It’s time to get brave. Just decide and do.


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