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Monday, 21 January 2013 07:18

The Power of Words

Written by Kim P.

windowWords are powerful tools. Sometimes they are used to build beautiful relationships. Other times they are used to tear down and destroy. When we speak, we should think about the potential impact that our words can have upon the hearer. Are the words we are speaking necessary? Do they build up or tear down?

mirrorWe have all been the recipients of negative, hateful words at times. Negative words hurt. They can wound the soul and break the spirit. When we hear others speak negatively about us, over time, we begin to believe these hateful things about ourselves. Before long, we often begin to speak these same negative things about ourselves. This can be very destructive to our self-esteem.

wordsWhat actually happens when we speak negative things about ourselves? These are often the most damaging words of all. When we speak negative things about ourselves, we are actually forecasting our future. If we say things like, “I can’t do anything right,” “I’ll never lose this weight,” or “I’ll never be free from this addiction”, we are telling ourselves that this is our future. We start to believe what we hear, and then we behave accordingly. Henry Ford once said, “The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right. Which one are you?” Successful, inspiring people all over the world have grasped this concept. The way we see ourselves, and the way we speak of ourselves has the power to alter our destiny.

laptopflowerWe all have a degree of self-doubt. What we do about it will determine the direction of our lives. Instead of speaking negative things about yourself, start pointing out all that is good about you. You may feel a bit silly at first, but give it a try! Look in the mirror in the morning and say out loud, “I am worthy!” “I am lovable!” “I am a great person!” “I have unique talents and abilities!” “I have seeds of greatness within!”

If we start our day hearing those words of inspiration and encouragement coming from our own mouths, nothing can stand in our way! No mountain will be too steep to climb. No valley will be too low to get through. Believe in yourself and then speak those powerful words of hope and encouragement! They’re true!

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