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Tuesday, 29 January 2013 01:07

You Can Be The Light

Written by Kim P.

in the darkHave you ever been in a place of complete darkness? It can be very frightening when we can’t see what is going on around us. Our minds can begin to play tricks on us and we start to believe that the darkness will overtake us. An amazing thing occurs when someone lights a tiny, seemingly insignificant candle. The darkness iscandle light immediately dispelled and light illuminates the truth. The truth is there were no big, threatening monsters in front of us. The things we imagined would befall us in the dark simply were not real. Darkness can seem overwhelming, but the tiniest amount of light scatters it far from us.

When we turn on the evening news, it is tempting to believe that we live in a world of ever increasing darkness. We imagine that evil and violence are the norm. When we hear about the atrocities that sometimes occur, we often find ourselves dwelling on all that is evil and dark in the world. We begin to fear that these things will happen to us personally or to our family members. We begin to focus on these things, and they seem to grow and become more terrible in our minds. Instead, what if we chose to acknowledge the bad, but see it as a rare isolated horrible act? What if we chose to focus our attention on finding something positive that has yet to be created from the pain? What if we looked for opportunities as individuals to spread light and love, rather than magnifying the darkness? We can choose to be the light that extinguishes the darkness.

window sunIn our lives, there may be times when we feelon a dock the darkness surrounding us. If we aren’t careful, we will begin to focus on all that is wrong in our lives, and depression and anxiety can be the end result. It takes purposeful effort on our part, and perhaps professional help in dealing with depression, but we absolutely can overcome it. We can once again begin to see the beauty and purpose in our lives. Passion for living again returns and we can begin to see the wonderful gift of life for what it is.

One of the easiest things we can do to prevent this type of anxiety and depression is to limit our exposure to the negative influences in our lives. Negativity may come to us in the form of a toxic relationship, through our own poor decisions or even something as simple as thehug evening news report. It is important to identify these negative influences and limit our contact with them whenever possible.

Sometimes we tend to believe we have it so much worse than everyone else. The truth may be that we have simply formed a habit of focusing on our own circumstances. Take a moment to look for an opportunity to reach out, even though you are hurting and help someone else. Their darkness may be dispelled by your one single act of kindness. Giving to others can be very healing to us. When we reach out, we begin to focus on helping others rather than our own pain, and we find our own pain has lessened. Remember, when you find yourself surrounded by darkness, You Can Be The Light!

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We are a private pay treatment center and do not accept any type of insurance. Costs associated with care are the responsibility of the client.