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Monday, 11 February 2013 21:54

Deposits or Withdrawals?

Written by Kim P.

paying billsRelationships are much like checking accounts. If we make regular “deposits” of encouragement, love and concern they grow and thrive. If we make “withdrawals” of criticism, shame and distrust they will suffer.

What constitutes a “deposit” into our relationship account? To answer that question, think about the needs of theargument recipient. Perhaps they need an encouraging word. Maybe they need a day of free babysitting. Perhaps a note that simply says “I love you and am thinking of you.” Those simple acts can be very inspiring. They can be the much-needed extra something that touch the heart of the ones you love.

“Withdrawals” on the other hand can be a bit trickier. There are, of course “withdrawals” of the obvious sort, verbal or physical abuse, shaming, berating and blame. But, sometimes we make “withdrawals” by neglecting to spend time with those we care for. While we maydisagreement not criticize or berate them, we simply get too busy to enjoy their presence in our lives. Don’t let that be you. Don’t fall into the habitquality time of ignoring that which is most precious. Life is but a vapor. It is fragile, with no promise of tomorrow. Today is all we have. Make the commitment to say the things you want to say, do the things you want to do and pursue the things in your life that are truly important.

hug heartThose we love and cherish deserve our best. The world around us is constantly making its own “withdrawals”, telling us we aren’t pretty enough, thin enough, educated enough and on and one the list goes. The haven that is our personal relationships should be a place of safety, love and acceptance. It may require a bit of effort, but make those “deposits.” Invest in the relationships in your life. The “deposits” you make today will pay huge dividends in the end.

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