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Tuesday, 12 February 2013 22:17

Mountain Moving

Written by Kim P.

shovel“How do you move a mountain?” you may ask. The answer is one shovel full at a time. Sometimes in life we are faced with obstacles that seem like gigantic mountains of difficulty in front of us. We are often paralyzed by the enormity of what lies ahead. “Do I start climbing? Do I go around the mountain?”

Sometimes the issues are just too big. We can’t climb the mountain, because we lack the strength to make it over. We can’t avoid our issues by going around the mountain. mountain peakWe have to take every day as it comes, and move the mountain one shovel full at a time.

Just as you can’t move a literal mountain without the appropriate tools, you cannotdown the mountain confront your issues without the necessary tools as well. Simply living our lives doesn’t magically equip us with the necessary tools to cope. At some point in our adult lives, we all find ourselves dealing with issues that can seem overwhelming. When we do, it is overlookimportant to reach out for the help youphone call need. Whether your issue is depression, anxiety, alcoholism, prescription drug addiction or any number of other issues, know there is help. You too can obtain the necessary tools to move the mountain that stands in front of you.

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