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Friday, 15 February 2013 17:39

One Small Deed

Written by Jessica W.

I recently resolved, after reading through “One Good Deed,” to complete one act of kindness a day. These have been unexpected things, small things, like cooking dinner for my mother or helping a family friend with schoolwork. But it has made me realize, with some amount of shock, how much more we could be doing for others by barely going out of our way.

There are so many little things we could pay more attention to. Opening a door, offering our help or smiling at a stranger are small acts in the larger scheme of our day. Yet too often we become busy thinking about our lives, notbutterfly paying attention, being too tired. We neglect the world around us in our focus on our inner selves, but in so doing, we lose the sense of fulfillment and joy that the outside world can bring.

serving elderlyA small act of kindness is like a having a butterfly land in your palm. It’s such a small, delicate thing, arriving in a flutter of wingstime with mom and barely there at all, and yet when it flies away, it leaves such a feeling of delight, joy and wonder. Small deeds can have a lasting impact on our emotions as well.

When we neglect to look outside of ourselves, we forget all the things for which we are grateful, we become blind to the beauty of the world. Tending to the outside world promotesworking together positive emotions and reduces levels of depression. What could you be tending to that could benefit from one small act of kindness? Perhaps your raised beds are neglected and could use attention. Whatever the deed is, it is sure to have a lasting impact both on yourself and the world around you.



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