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Monday, 18 February 2013 20:55

The Rewards of Nursing

Written by Alicia O.

taking pulseNursing is often a thankless job. Hours of hard work, tired feet, full bladders, and empty stomachs. Being a nurse means holidays spent away from family, missed school plays, and sporting events. We nurses accept all of this knowingly. We are nurses because we love our work and the people that we care for.

Several years ago, when working a localbusy hospital, I took care of a patient for an entire month. This was unheard of on my unit as most patients stayed two to three days or acomforting hand week at the most. Night after night I took care of the needs that she had. After a month she was discharged to another facility. I fully expected that I would never see her again.

I did in fact see her when she returned to ourfriendly smile floor to say hello to the staff that had cared for her. She shared with us that she had changed her major in college. She had planned on becoming a pharmacist and now she wanted to be a nurse. She told us that she wanted to make a difference in someone’s life, the way that we had made a difference in hers. This became a defining moment in my nursing career. I knew then that I had chosen the right career path.

Brookhaven Retreat is staffed around the clock with highly educated, trained, and caring nurses. We all have different backgrounds in nursing which creates a very well rounded staff. We are passionate about our work and assisting our clients in any way that we can with their healing journey.

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