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Tuesday, 19 February 2013 20:43

For the Love of Music

Written by Diane R.

There have been many studies that prove how music has a wonderful and transformative effect our mood, alleviates stress, and improves our health. Some of these health benefits include decreased blood pressure, ease of muscle tension, a boost in immunity and fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Personally, I am drawn to listening to classical piano music in order to help myself relax. When listening to classical piano, Ikeys find myself so engrossed and fascinated by the melodies and harmonies that I very easily forget about my daily burdens and stresses. Often times I even fall asleep! However, this is not to say that any music that soothes the soul cannot be relaxing for someone. Many people find it difficult to connect to classical music because of the lack of lyrics. The next time you have alistening challenge in your life, I encourage you to take a couple minutes (if possible) to stop, listen and connect to your most beloved songs, then return to your challenge with aviolin hopefully now clearer mind.

My suggested playlist for relaxation:

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