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Wednesday, 20 February 2013 21:44


Written by Kim P.

babyWhat do you think of when you hear the word ‘change’? Does it bring to the surface feelings of anxiety and worry? Or, does it bring feelings of excitement and exhilaration? One of the certainties of life is change. We all experience change throughout our lives. This change may come in the form of a new job, a new baby, or the ending of a significant relationship. Change almost always brings stress with it. Even changes that are viewed as happy and wanted are still quiet stressful at times.

separationSometimes when we anticipate change, we find ourselves consumed with “what if” thinking. “What if” this change doesn’t go the way I’d like or how I’ve planned? “What if” I am unhappy with the change? There is nothing wrong with thinking through theworry possibilities of what an anticipated change may bring, but if the “what if’s” cause you to avoid the change; you may be over thinking a bit.

Consider this. Where would you be today if you had not experienced multiple changes in your life to get you to the place you are today? Would you be in the relationship you are in today? Would you be at the job you are at today?

Change is not our enemy. It is often the catalyst that forces us in the direction we are intended to go. Instead of avoiding change, why not view it as an opportunity to learn and grow? Life is full of changes. It is our choice whether we will view them as positive or negative.

Our goal should be to live in and experience the moments of our lives. If one door closes, choose to look for the open window that will inevitably be there waiting. If we try we can begin to see change for what it is, an opportunity to experience something new.



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