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Thursday, 21 February 2013 21:08

Willful or Willing

Written by Kim P.

servingHow would you describe yourself? If you were asked, would you describe yourself as a person who is helpful, generous, and willing to help others? Or, would you have to honestly describe yourself as someone who looks out for #1? Are you willful and stubborn in your dealings with others?

Questions like those above should make ussilent treatment pause and examine our hearts. “Am I willful or am I willing?” Willing hearts are those who take the time to consider the needs of others. They think of themselves as a part ofswing a group or team and understand that they are not islands unto themselves. They value the opinions and feedback of others. They are willing to reach out to be of assistance tobaby those around them. They look at how their individual behaviors can move the group or team closer toward their goals.

Willful hearts are often arrogant. They seek their own individual gain without regard to what is best for those around them. They assign little value to the thoughts or opinions of others, and do not usually accept the feedback offered to them. Willful hearts can make working as a group or team almostall hands impossible.

The truth is, we all have a bit of willfulness and willingness within us. We sometimes swing from one side to the other. Our goal should be to be conscious of the motivations of our hearts. Are we behaving the way we are because we are being willful? If we are, we should examine ourselves and make the necessary effort to choose to become willing hearts instead. Being a willing heart may take extra awareness and effort, but it leads to a life full of beauty and relationships that are based on a sense of giving and love.

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