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The Lily Program® ~ An Individualized Mental Health Program For Women



Grief is a natural human reaction to a loss. While usually thought of in the setting of the loss of a loved one, grief can actually occur as a reaction to almost any significant loss including a job, money, divorce and even the loss of a role in life, such as being a mother. Uncomplicated grief generally slowly resolves itself over time and though the loss is never fully forgotten, eventually the grieving person is able to think fondly of the lost person, situation or role without significant pain or disturbance. Complicated grief occurs when an additional mental health issue such as depression or anxiety develops in the setting of grief. In this setting, the normal slow healing process does not occur and instead symptoms of grief either worsen or seem to stay the same over time. It soon becomes obvious that a person with complicated grief is not “moving on” or healing. In this setting it is imperative to address the associated mental health issues so that the natural healing process of grief can occur.