The Lily Program® ~ An Individualized Mental Health Program For Women

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  • Trauma Therapy Trauma Therapy
    Brookhaven Retreat has specialists and programs to help women come to terms with all types of traumatic events that they may have experienced.
  • Recreational Therapy Recreational Therapy
    At Brookhaven Retreat recreational therapy is used to rebuild trust in yourself and others.
  • Non-addictive Medication Non-addictive Medication
    Brookhaven puts patients on a program of avoiding medications that could result in addiction.
  • Natural Relaxation Natural Relaxation
    Brookhaven uses many outdoor activities to help patients re-establish their connections with their environment.
  • Individual Therapy Individual Therapy
    Individual therapy, addressing issues patients can't discuss in groups, is important in Brookhaven's very personalized treatment plans.
  • Group Therapy Group Therapy
    Providing both support and important insights, group therapy is essential for dealing with difficult emotional issues.
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Brookhaven Retreat

Brookhaven Retreat is a place where women who have had an emotional breakage in their lives can come to learn how to heal the breakage and recreate their lives with the help of our experienced and understanding professionals.

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