The Lily Program® ~ An Individualized Mental Health Program For Women

Success Stories

Here are just a few of the success stories shared by our alumnae to express their satisfaction and gratitude for the program and to inspire other women to take the steps they did to gain control of their lives.

When I walked in Brookhaven I had no life in me and not only did I not know who I was, I had no idea who I wanted to be. The last two years have been extremely hard, but I was lost in my life even before that. I have learned that I am a valuable human being and I am worthy of love. My self esteem and self confidence has never been higher. I know that i cannot love anyone until I fully love myself. Talking through and understanding my trauma has made me realize how much of an impact they've had on my life. I thought I had my emotions under control, but they were controlling me. I…
I have been at this recovery center approximately 38 days (a little over a month). I came to Brookhaven because I was at the point in my life where I realized I needed help. I went to into Brookhaven not really knowing what exactly to expect. At first I was nervous and very apprehensive. I wouldn't ask for help, I would just go through the motions, nod, say how I feel and smile. That did not last too long though, because my therapist, Carrie, caught on to my act the moment I walked into her office. I was constantly being told in care and therapy to "feel my feelings". I honestly did not get it. I mean, I would say…
When I came through the front door at Brookhaven I didn’t think I would live to tell about my experience. I had lost all control of my life and fell into a very deep depression. I was fainting regularly and didn’t know if it was day or night. The first two weeks I was here I still had it in my mind I wasn’t doing any good. I felt I couldn’t do it and then I started to see the light. I started talking more and participating in all the different groups. I saw my life improving day by day. After thirty days at Brookhaven I started the Poncho Program. I was so scared the first day and looking back…
First off, the other night I noticed I was acting silly and laughing for no reason. During community wrap-up I was having a hard time saying how I was feeling, so I announced to the community, “Please don’t encourage me at this point, I need to regulate.” This example was a big turning point for me in that I noticed fairly quickly that I needed to regulate and I called myself on it. I also made a big step this past week in deciding to go to church again. I am so glad I did. It was exactly the message I needed to hear, and I felt that spiritual connection again which I have not felt in a very long…
When I came here I hardly spoke to anyone. I was so sad and alone. I thought I’d never be happy again. Right away I met a lovely person. She was kind and caring. We had a lot in common and quickly developed a close friendship. The staff has been so kind and helpful and even the cooks and the cleaning ladies make you feel so welcomed. I have learned so much all the books and classes have taught me how to deal with the everyday little troubles that get us so upset. I can now deal with people and talk with them without causing anger on either side. I can now go home with assurance that I can deal…
As a former Brookhaven client, I fully recommend this facility to all women who find themselves struggling.
I'm so thankful that both of my daughters love me enough to find a place like Brookhaven Retreat.
Dear Brookhaven Retreat, I have truly been transformed during my time here. I have learned that I am worthy of love, especially self love. I am good at my core and have a good conscience.
Dear Brookhaven Staff, Many women arrive at Brookhaven feeling overwhelmed; when I arrived I was feeling very little. There was nothing inside me but a great emptiness, tempered slightly by a desperate hope that here I would be able to break the shackles in my mind that held me bound.
I heard from one of my Brookhaven sisters back in July that many women experience doubt while in treatment. She said "For some, it's as soon as they walk through the doors. For others, it's 10 days in, and others, it's not until they have been here for almost a month..."
A letter to Brookhaven Retreat, It is hard for me to believe that I have been at Brookhaven Retreat for 30 days.
I was at the end of my rope. I needed help beyond the scope of what I could find locally.
Brookhaven came at a time in my life when I was desperate to "feel alive" vs. "merely surviving."
Dear Brookhaven Staff and Treatment Team: It's hard to believe that it has been 90 days since I arrived here at Brookhaven. There were days filled with tears and laughter, joy and pain, and many days filled with immense growth and self-discovery.
Dear Brookehaven, Wow, what a ride the last few months have been. I went from being dragged here kicking and screaming (not literally, of course) to feeling like I almost don't want to leave.
Dear Treatment Team, Once again, thank you for taking the opportunity to consider my application to level up to a White Buffalo.
Before I came to Brookhaven, my life was in a state of shambles. I had completely isolated and was broke, depressed, and angry. When my family brought me to Brookhaven, I immediately felt at ease.
Dear Treatment Team, I've continued on my journey of self-regulation and find myself growing stronger each day.
When I arrived at Brookhaven Retreat 4 months ago, I had lost every bit of hope for myself and for my life.
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