The BrookHaven Mission

Women with emotional breakage often can't feel love, safety or confidence, nor do they truly experience meaningful relationships with others. Such women go through the motions that society requires for being ?normal,? yet she never feels complete.

Instead of feeling loved and accepted, women with an emotional breakage often feel empty and alone, causing them to continue their current behaviors, prolonging the cycle.

In order to stop the feelings of emptiness and worthlessness, some women turn to addictive forms of activities to make the feelings go away. Some addictive behaviors may include shopping, working, exercising, gambling, alcohol abuse, prescription drugs, recreational drugs, chat rooms, video games, eating or sexual activity.

None of these can fill the void and will only act to destroy her even further. During the addiction the woman cannot typically see or feel the consequences of her actions but knows she wants it to stop. However, women often do not ask for help because of the shame they feel and because they think they should be able to stop on their own.

The shadow of addiction and substance abuse is dark and threatening.

Helen Keller said, "Keep your face in the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow."

Our mission at Brookhaven is to give each woman the tools she needs to feel safe, accepted, complete, self confident, valuable and comfortable in her own skin through skilled therapy, life coaching and medical management.

Healing comes from loving one?s self, and accepting and resolving issues physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

Your unique life journey of new found balance can be found without dependence but independence. At Brookhaven Retreat, we are determined to help you if you help yourself.