Anxiety or Panic

Anxiety or panic symptoms can be severe enough to interfere with a woman's daily life. She may feel excessively nervous or shaky or overwhelmed by tasks that she has been able to do easily in the past. In fact, she may feel like she is having a "nervous breakdown" or "losing it" to the extent that she does not know what to do or how to get help. Her panic symptoms may be so severe at times that she thinks she is dying.

Furthermore, she may be so embarrassed or frightened by the feelings of panic which seem to come on out of nowhere that she may stop going places or seeing people and may not be able to say why. Withdrawal from family and friends only makes the anxiety worse, and she is further debilitated from being able to enjoy normal pleasures. Other symptoms of anxiety or panic that may interfere with a woman's ability to function include:

  • Racing heart or feeling "shaky inside"
  • Trouble concentrating or thinking straight
  • Feeling like running away
  • Having so much nervous energy that she has to pace constantly
  • Fear of leaving the house or a particular room of the house
  • Fear of being around crowds of people or excessive noise
  • Trembling hands, feeling smothered, or being unable to breathe
  • Trouble finding the right words to explain how she feels
  • Feeling overwhelmed by activities of daily living
  • Losing track of time or having trouble managing time
  • Flashbacks about traumatic or upsetting experiences
  • Having trouble sleeping or having nightmares

The most effective treatment for anxiety or panic depends on life circumstances, medical history, severity of symptoms, and impact on daily functioning. Understanding the underlying reason for the problems with anxiety may be a factor in determining the best treatment. Recent changes in life circumstances may trigger a severe episode of anxiety or panic. Or such an episode may be a post-traumatic reaction to past stress or trauma experiences.

Treatment for anxiety can be complicated because the source is not always clear. Our psychiatrists and therapists work together to find the best way to treat anxiety disorders.

A woman with an anxiety disorder may experience a sudden panic or anxiety attack.

At Brookhaven, our medical staff and clinical therapy staff can assess a woman's experience of anxiety or panic and make treatment recommendations to meet her particular needs. If you think you or someone you care about is having trouble with feeling excessively nervous, frightened, or panicky, Brookhaven can help you determine the best route to get professional assessment and nervous breakdown treatment.