Doing well while in the safety of a residential treatment center is expected, but the real test starts when the person returns home and begins to apply the skills that they have learned in their natural environment and with everyday stressors.

Continuing care is recommended and arranged for every client we see at Brookhaven Retreat. While many of the principles for staying well are taught throughout the program during the final phase (typically during the final week) an aftercare plan will be developed by each client and their primary therapist that will include follow-up appointments, plans for structure and plans addressing the individual needs of the client.

The Aftercare Program at Brookhaven Retreat offers several options for continued support of recovery once a client has left our facility. We do not feel that the completion of one's stay at Brookhaven is the completion of treatment. Our door is always open, and we want our alumnae to always feel that we are a continued source of support for them. We recommend that in addition to continuing therapeutic care on an outpatient basis, that each client also participate in Brookhaven Retreat’s aftercare services. We have four very specific services in place for our alumnae: