Aftercare Program

The Aftercare program at Brookhaven Retreat offers several options for continued support of recovery once you have left our facility. We do not feel that the completion of Brookhaven's program is the completion of your treatment. We recommend all of our client's receive continuing therapeutic care on an outpatient basis and participate in Brookhaven Retreat's aftercare services. We have four very specific services in place for our alumnae.

First, we have a weekly Aftercare group that is held every Monday night that works like a conference call. The group is semi-formal and offers a chance for our alumnae to connect/reconnect with others who are in all different stages of their recovery. Participants will share about their experiences of returning home and reintegrating in to their personal lives and the difficulties and challenges they have faced. A topic for each group means that alumnae will experience a type of refresher session each week. This will assist in the application of coping skills learned in treatment for practice in the natural environment.

Second, we have a website set up specifically for the alumnae. It is a social networking site in which the alumna can create a profile, put pictures and send/receive messages to other alumnae. The web site contains news about Brookhaven Retreat, success stories, and links to information on support groups. For confidentiality purposes, the website is secure and requires approval from the Aftercare Coordinator to join. Click here to visit the myAlumnae community.

Third, we conduct follow-up interviews with all alumnae. The interviews are conducted at one month, three months, six months and one-year post discharge. During the phone interviews, the aftercare staff will check on your appointments, meeting attendance, and school/work. The aftercare staff will also check to see if they can be of further assistance.

Finally, to recognize the success of our graduates Brookhaven Retreat hosts an annual alumnae reunion. Alumnae from all over the country come together with their Brookhaven sisters to restore, renew and treasure the life changes they began while in treatment. Brookhaven Retreat is a very special place to the alumnae, helping them learn and redefine themselves. We want our alumnae to always feel that we are a continued source of support for them.

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