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Tuesday, 21 May 2013 20:51

A Rose Without Its Thorns

Written by Lindsee H.

We all want to live a life of roses with no thorns, few mistakes, and little effort, but the reality is that you can’t live a positive life with a negative mind. First things first: just “Think.”

T… is it true?

H… is it helpful?

I…  is it inspiring?

N… is it necessary?

K… is it kind? 


Ask yourself is what I am thinking or about to say true to myself? Am I being true to my feelings, my beliefs, and what I think is best? Is it helpful to me to think this way or do this? Is what you’re thinking positive? Is it going to build you up or bring you down? Afterwards, is it going to help the situation or resolve the problem? Is this inspiring? Are you doing something you love that’s going to increase your mood? Is this something you’re sincere about and going to increase your self-esteem? Is it kind? Is it polite? Is it positive? Is what you’re going to do or say going to be nice, beneficial, and healthy?

To have a healthy life free from depression, anxiety and negative thinking, you have to have a healthy you. To do that, we have to be there for ourselves. By asking ourselves these questions we are able to reassess what we think, ensuring that it’s the best thing for us in that moment. So next time you see a rose notice that it does have thorns, which is true, but without those thorns what would it be??? Think about it!!!


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