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Sunday, 07 July 2013 08:59

Adjusting Our Focus On Health

Written by Jessica W.

Physical and mental health are closely linked. It is well studied that stress increases inflammation in the body, leading to a plethora of physical illnesses. Physical illnesses, in turn, increase risk of depression and anxiety.

A woman’s mental health issues may increase her physical complaints. Often, women suffering from depression also suffer from pain, while anxiety can trigger cardiovascular issues, among others.

However, a woman can become consumed with her physical health to the detriment of her emotional wellness. When women are overly concerned with physical pain, they forget that emotional suffering can contribute to a large part of this pain. By focusing on what is going on in their heads and hearts, women can begin to break through the suffering that has brought them to therapy.

This type of thinking can also affect our daily lives when we focus too much on a symptom of our stress rather than on the cause. Rather than taking care of ourselves, we ruminate on how difficult our situation is, whether it is a home, career or social stress.

Taking the time for self-care and asking ourselves what we need – whether it is proper sleep or time out to ourselves – can make a world of a difference in our perceptions and happiness. When we refresh ourselves, we tackle our problems from new, creative angles and find the will to improve our daily lives.

Treatment gives women the opportunity to focus on caring for every aspect of themselves. Brookhaven Retreat offers a relaxing, stress-free environment in which to be cared for while caring for yourself. Distance from daily issues such as careers, appointments and social lives helps maintain a strong focus on mental health.

It is up to all of us as individuals to choose how we frame our lives. Choosing to nurture ourselves with loving care makes a world of a difference in alleviating daily stress and tackling larger issues. Once our self-perceptions and mental health improve, everything else falls into place.

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