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Brookhaven Retreat is Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organizations and is licensed by the State of Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities.


beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

We are a private pay treatment center and do not accept any type of insurance. Costs associated with care are the responsibility of the client.

Recipe for Happiness

Tuesday, 13 August 2013 15:37  by Coco R.

Is there a recipe to happiness?

I think it comes down to a few key points that we seem to forget over and over again. Things that take away and add anxiety and depression, rather than add to our life…even though it may not seem like it at the time.

1. Do what you are good at.

They say work shouldn’t feel like work, and I agree. When we start doing what we are really good at, we feel success day in and day out. We spend a huge portion of our life working so do what you are good at, and do what you love. Enjoy your life.

2. Be with the people you love.

Spend time with the people you love. Clear up problems, resolve issues and love the people you are with. Feelings are usually mutual and our lives are too short not to enjoy it. BE present with the people you love.

3. Share your thoughts.

If someone has done something nice, or thoughtful, TELL THEM! Switch it around and start telling people what you think and feel, you will be amazed at their reaction. Spread kindness, and you’ll share the happiness.

4. Let go of perfect.

Be okay with the extra dollop of cake batter in the pan or lipstick on your teeth. Get sweaty and spend the day laughing so hard you can’t re-apply your makeup. Get ready in a hurry, go away for the weekend with only a change of underwear and allow yourself to make mistakes by doing something new. Perfect is pretty to look at, but no fun to be around.

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