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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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Buy Nothing Day

Wednesday, 20 November 2013 20:27  by Jessica W.

Buy Nothing Day falls on November 30 this year. This day of observance began in an effort to decrease the negative impacts of materialism on individual well-being.

Like it or not, we live in a culture of materialism in which accumulation is often equated with happiness. Women with mental health issues sometimes find themselves attempting to create happiness or alleviate feelings of anxiety, depression or emptiness through shopping. When purchasing things fails to help, women may find themselves buying more in an attempt to hold onto the fleeting feelings of satisfaction it creates. Unfortunately, this can create financial issues that worsen a woman’s emotional struggles. Neglecting the source of her emotional breakage also aggravates a woman’s mental illness.

Through the cultivation of mindfulness and self-esteem combined with the appropriate therapy tools, women can overcome their addiction to shopping and discover happiness within themselves.

Try to buy nothing for one single day or even an entire week and see the profound impact this can have. You may discover that you were more reliant on your purchases than you thought. Avoiding shopping for a brief period of time may drive you to seek fulfillment in other, more constructive activities.

When you do shop, practice mindful shopping by making a list of desired purchases and then evaluating the necessity of each item. While shopping, stop and evaluate your feelings. This can ensure you are not making purchases for emotional reasons.

Overspending is a risk for every woman during the holidays. Taking the time to reflect on our purchases can ensure a better, healthier season.

Last modified on Wednesday, 20 November 2013 20:46

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