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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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“Either Swing or Get Hit”

Friday, 04 April 2014 03:59  by Administrator

As April arrives, America’s favorite past time begins. Baseball consists of the perfect pitch inevitably coming the batter’s way at an average of 90 MPH, and they have to decide what to do with it: be willing to swing or stand in the way.

Willingness vs. Willfulness: they may sound similar, but they are fundamentally opposite in meaning. Synonyms of willfulness include stubborn, inflexible, disobedient and unreasonable thinking. Willingness, on the other hand, stands for readiness, eager, motivated and enthused attitudes. Throughout treatment and recovery from mental heath issues and substance abuse issues, it is important to be willing over willful - to swing instead of get hit.

Life throws some pretty mean situations our way and it is crucial to be prepared to do just what is needed and effective. Willingness utilizes the wise mind, a DBT taught skill that focuses on balancing the emotion mind and rational mind. It emphasizes participating in the world and not becoming overwhelmed by the negativity life may bring. When you are willing to do what is effective in recovery, you will find yourself succeeding.

Willful people want to be right, regardless of what is actually effective; they refuse to tolerate distressful moments instead of using their wise mind to explore emotions and pain. But ignoring the pain and unpleasant moments doesn’t make them go away, it only exaggerates our failure to be ready, leaving us hurt, overwhelmed and disappointed. Willfulness is getting hit by the baseball.

Major league baseball players are not successful because every time they swing they get a homerun; they are successful because are willing to do what they have prepared for, swinging. The only thing proven to hit a homerun is to first be willing to swing.

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