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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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Reflective Visualization of Encouragement: Sweet Mangos

Friday, 16 May 2014 04:30  by Donita B.

Inspired by an alumna’s creative visualization, “Elizabeth’s Mango Fairyland,” this reflective text can inspire your own summer visualizations. Using images of ripe mangos and warm showers, it inspires us to hold gratitude in our hearts while letting go of the stresses and anxiety that can harm mental health. By the end of this reflection, you should feel refreshed, rejuvenated and vibrant; ready to enjoy everything your day has to offer.

Visualize on a small pedestal an intricately woven basket made of purple indigo having intertwined patterns of diamonds and bands… some violet red bound by charcoal’s binding hands and some a peacock royal blue, touched like grace by hems of ivory lace.

Visualize this earthen plaited basket sitting atop a small round pedestal… that it stands alone in the middle of a vast and misty sunlit room.

Visualize in the basket a knoll of heart shaped fruit. Not a valentine’s heart but the true heart that beats. A basket of mangos with an array of yellows, luscious reds and greens…each uniquely marbled…each holding inside its own sweet flavors of succulent gold.

Notice now a fragrance…sweet like a tiny mixture of bananas and strawberries being embraced by a big splash of citrusy orange. Its such a wonderful smell like it is connected to every happy moment you have ever felt…inhale slow and deep letting the fragrance permeate into every cell of your being…hold on to this deep glorious breath for just a moment…then let go with a sigh of release continuing to force out the exhales gift for mango’s leaf…hold on to this breathlessness for just a moment…again release…then wonderfully and marvelously notice how your lungs effortlessly draw in that next sweet breath of the baskets heart shaped offering… let your belly continue to draw deep into it’s pit for the golden hungry desire of it.

Notice now a sound…like a zillion miniature raindrops falling against a clean smooth surface. The sound is coming from behind you...turn around in your mind and visualize an open shower with the tiniest and gentlest of sphere-shaped droplets…feel the warmth of every tiny inviting prism of rainbows’ light…Step into the shower if you like…feel the gentle flow pouring the heavens’ light over your hair and down your arms…feel all of your tension flow away with each tiny droplet…feel the warmth of the falling water rinse away all of the tightness and control you are holding in your neck…your shoulder…your elbows and wrists. Feel the path of every little drop trickle down you back…your hips…thighs, knees…your ankles and finally let your attention come to your feet…hand…fingers and toes…feel the gentle stream drop away from the tips…just stay here and feel this sensation for a minute…then notice the swirl as the water spirals down into the drain…draw your attention to the sound of water flowing into the drain…taking all your tension with it...

Feel the stillness…feel the calm…allow yourself to feel the weightlessness if it comes for just a second or two…Then take in another cleansing breath and hold it…then release it and without pushing, let the breaths come and go as they naturally want to.

It is now time to make the journey back to the sunlit room.

Visualize again the earthen plaited basket sitting a top a small round pedestal…that it stands in the misty sunlit room…but notice this time the knoll of heart shaped fruit is not alone, but has an engraved message standing like a teepee beside it.

If you like…draw near to the message and read it. Notice the elaborate gold embossing written with great care…it reads…”Get up and build your gifts and share them with great and small…Something wonderful is waiting in your future” signed Mango Shower Fairy.

Now when you are ready to leave this mango shower land…pick up your sweet fragrant heart from the purple indigo basket and wiggle your toes…begin to come back to where you are sitting or lying…when you are ready open your eyes, feeling peace and hope and strength and love.

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