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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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20 Benefits of Taking a Dip

Tuesday, 03 June 2014 17:27  by Emily S.

It is officially June, which means the pools are open and ready to enjoy! Swimming is the quintessential summertime activity. Jumping into the cool water in the middle of a 90-degree heat wave is arguably on of the most reviving experiences.

I remember growing up with a pool in our backyard. Every warm summer day was spent outside making up silly pool games and competing with my brother and sister to find out who was the fastest swimmer. Friends and family always stopped by to share in the afternoon fun. We were active, happy and engaged, unknowingly nourishing our bodies, minds and spirits.

The great thing about swimming is that you don’t have to be in great physical shape to reap the benefits, meaning it is ideal for all sizes and ages. It is a low-cost, low-impact, relaxing form of exercise that stimulates our physical and mental wellness.

Here is a brief glimpse of 20 benefits from a refreshing dip:

  1. Reduces risk of diabetes
  2. Easy on the joints, bones, and muscles
  3. Improves rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
  4. People exercise longer in water than land
  5. Improves bone health especially after menopause
  6. Minimizes stress
  7. Increases quality time with friends and family
  8. Water supports weight, joint, spine, and muscles
  9. Improves endurance
  10. Increases cardiovascular strength and circulation
  11. Relaxes the mind
  12. Reduces anxiety
  13. Lessens depression
  14. Decreases anger and tension
  15. Increases energy levels
  16. Produces a tranquil, serene state
  17. Fosters creativity
  18. Tones the entire body
  19. Provides routine
  20. Can reduce inflammation

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