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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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5 Tips For A Successful Yard Sale

Sunday, 08 June 2014 03:57  by Administrator

It’s that time of year again when every corner boasts a yard sale. We all accumulate far too many things over the course of our lives, and yard sales, garage sales and estate sales are excellent ways to get rid of the old to make way for the new, all while earning a few extra dollars!

But the idea of a yard sale can be overwhelming if you have never had one before. You may worry no one will come or buy anything, and it all just be a waste of time. But with a little veteran advice anyone can have a successful turnout. A good yard sale is rooted in preparation, and with these basic tips your yard sale can be stress-free and successful!

Tip #1: Promote, Promote, Promote
In any business, promoting your product or event is key. Make sure you tell your friends, family and neighbors far enough ahead so they can make plans to attend, as well as spread the word. Social media is a quick way to reach all of your cyber friends. Posting “teaser” pictures of stuff you will be selling is a great way to draw people to your sale!

Tip #2: Get Creative With Your Sign
Cardboard signs with “yard sale” written in black sharpie are one in a million. You need to make your sign stand out to get the passerby’s attention! Explore your creativity and be specific about what you are selling. If you’re selling higher-end items use a computer to print large, bold letters, or try stencils to make the sign look professional.

Tip #3: Display Your Junk With Pride
Your junk might just be someone else’s treasure, but if it’s thrown in a box with a million other items covered in dirt and dust they will never know. Clean your stuff and display it appropriately. If the customer believes you care about what you are selling, they will be less likely to try haggling you down to your lowest penny.

Stores display their items in groups and there is science behind doing so. Don’t mix your jewelry with your kids’ old toys, place similar items near each other. A china set should be next to other dining and kitchenware, while tennis shoes lay with dumbbells and t-shirts.

Tip #4: Give Incentives
It is crucial to provide some sort of incentive in doing business with you otherwise no one will come. People inherently don’t do things unless it benefits them. Providing snacks like lemonade and popcorn can be enough to get people to stay a little longer. Offering children coloring sheets or bubbles can keep them occupied while the parents shop.

Another great incentive is a pile of free stuff, or giving an item away with the purchase of something. This is an excellent strategy to get people out of their car, and encourages them to actually buy something.

Tip #5: Post The Prices
Having to ask the price for an item can really deter people from buying something. Not everyone wants to haggle or ask questions. Making the price clear helps you get the dollar amount desired, without much effort from the customer.

To sum it all up for the best turnout: give enough notice, get their attention, display your items nicely, give them a reason to shop, and make the prices clear!

Last modified on Sunday, 08 June 2014 04:12

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