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Friday, 13 June 2014 22:54

Impact of Color

Written by Emily S.

It’s probably not something we think about often, but color is what defines the world. Greens, blues, reds and yellows can be found all around us, but how often do we actually notice them? Whether or not we are consciously aware of it, colors impact our mood. Have you ever wondered why spa environments focus on blues and greens and restaurants often incorporate red? This is because different colors trigger different emotions within us.

If you want a boost of energy, try to surround yourself with reds. Red creates a physical effect in our body, such as stimulating pulse rate. It incites conversation in guests, and it is shown to increase appetite, making this a great choice for a dining room or foyer.

Unlike red, pink has a calming effect and brings out nurturing emotions. It is the most romantic color and is said to evoke passive behavior. Some sports teams paint the visiting team’s locker room pink based on this theory.

The world’s favorite color is undoubtedly blue. Soft blues lower blood pressure, calming us and stimulating relaxation. This makes them ideal for bedroom walls or around your favorite place to de-stress and read a book. Blue also represents clear communication and concentration.

Nature is known to be refreshing, therefore it is no wonder that the color green does just that to our minds. It balances us. It is thought to soothe pain and relieve stress and is the easiest color to be surrounded by for a long period of time.

Maybe there is a reason why raincoats and rain boots are traditionally yellow. Studies show that yellow is a stimulant. It improves our mood and makes us happier! It is the color of confidence but too much of it can trigger anxiety. To get a boost of energy and concentration, try yellow accents in your workspace.

As a mixture of yellow and red, orange makes us feel warm and secure, and like yellow, it is an optimistic color that triggers fun and energy. This makes it a great choice for athletic gear or a fitness room.

Color clearly impacts our mood and by being aware we are able to use them to our advantage. We might bring a bold sunflower to work to boost energy or buy teal bathroom accessories to refresh and relax us.

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