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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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Vitamin D

Wednesday, 15 April 2015 00:00  by Lori R.

An elderly woman, who had a near death experience, once told me that the cure for every human ailment on the earth exists naturally on the earth. This statement came to mind today as I was reading about Vitamin D. There must be 4 or 5 random combinations of multivitamins in my cabinet at home but I always forget to take them. Perhaps I should search the cabinet for Vitamin D and be more diligent!

We’ve always heard that we need the Vitamin D provided by sunlight to promote calcium absorption for strong bones and teeth and to help the body make serotonin to ward off depression. But apparently there are many other reasons to maintain adequate levels of this organic nutrient. According to the Vitamin D Council (, recent studies on Vitamin D supplementation support physical and mental health benefits for depression, autism, nerve damage/neuropathy, cardiovascular health, muscle function, and musculoskeletal pain to name a few.

It is believed that some people are lacking in Vitamin D due to excessive sunscreen use. Let’s weigh the evils here… skin cancer vs. fractured hip. I think I will keep my sunscreen and opt to get my Vitamin D from supplemental capsules, milk, fish, orange juice, egg yolks, fortified cereal, or maybe a nap in my “reptile room” that is bursting with artificial UV rays!

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