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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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Adele and the Reality of Growing Older

Wednesday, 04 November 2015 00:00  by Taylor O.


Adele recently announced that she is releasing a new album in the upcoming months. If you’re like me, you have been waiting at the edge of your seat for this announcement for 4 whole years. And the question on all her fans’ minds is: “Why has it taken so long?!”

Well, as Adele says about the lateness of her new release, life happened! Most people—me included, unfortunately—simply didn’t realize that, even though Adele is an extremely famous person, she is still human, and she still lives life just like the rest of us. She breathes, eats, sleeps, and she has a child! Sometimes, I believe that, even though their lives seem glamorous and enchanting, celebrities are most often de-humanized, and seen as objects for the public’s pleasure and amusement. Adele seemed to agree with this statement, and she has named this album, “25”, after her age, like she has her other albums. This serves as a tiny reminder that she is human, too, and grows older like the rest of us.

Regarding her album, “25”, Adele addressed her awaiting fans with these words: “It’s making up for lost time.”

This idea struck me as odd. Adele has been living life while she hasn’t been releasing albums, which is sad for her fans, but seems great for her. Wasn’t she happy? And then I realized something: when we are growing older, and learning from our past, we don’t necessarily recognize at the moment that we are learning and growing. It is only when things slow down and we have time to examine ourselves that we realize exactly how far we have come. Adele seems to have come to this conclusion as well, and is excited to reveal the extent of her growth in her new album.

I don’t think Adele looks at growing older as a bad thing—like most of our society does today. She seems to view it as a chance to look back at herself, and see how much she has grown. It is a chance to understand yourself better, and to fully know who you are becoming.

So, “25” is about Adele’s entrance into adulthood. She says that she is always looking back on her life, and “wishing”. Wishing that she had done things differently, wishing she could go back. And she lost a lot of time between then, and now—all wasted on wishing. So, with her new album, Adele is beginning to understand the woman she has become during that time—the woman she has become “without realizing”. It is as if she is getting to know herself, again. As if she lost herself, and is only now realizing who she is.

At Brookhaven Retreat, LLC, we help women who have lost themselves to realize who they’re becoming. Everyone goes through the process of growing older—no one is exempt! We are all trying to understand who we have become as we’ve aged. It is a hard process, for some, to see how far they’ve come throughout the years. It can be difficult to turn away from the past, and to then face the future. To turn from abuse, neglect, and addictions, to a bright future of love, respect and healthy lives.

Brookhaven Retreat is a place where women come, and embrace that future together.

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