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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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More Than Cute

Tuesday, 10 November 2015 00:00  by Taylor O.


There is a recent trend on social media which uses the hashtag #MoreThanCute. I came across it as I was flipping through my homefeed on Instagram a few mornings ago, and was interested enough to take a look. I saw tons of little girls dressed up in costumes that did not seem usual for little girls. Some were little Batwomen, some were dressed as astronauts, some were wearing ARMY paraphernalia, and some were doctors. The hashtag was referring to the idea that little girls are not just put on this earth to be cute and charming. They have personalities and desires, they want to do and be things—they want to be superheroes, to go to the moon, to be in the ARMY, and to save lives.

It amazed me how strange it seemed that these little girls were wearing these types of costumes, and I realized it was because I am used to seeing them in frills and bows, in pinks and purples. They are always princesses and fairies, or unicorns and mermaids. There is nothing wrong with frills and bows (I still wear frills and bows, and I love it), or unicorns and fairies, but when those things become something that young girls are confined to, that they are expected to wear, therein lies the problem.

Too often, I feel that little girls—even younger and older women, as well—are placed in a box that says, “You Can’t”—you can’t be a world-class athlete, you can’t be a famous writer, you can’t you can’t you can’t you can’t.

However, more and more young girls have realized that it is not just for the boys to be superheroes and to make changes in the world. Girls are learning to be less passive and more active by each day. This is an important lesson for us all to learn, because as women, it is easy to fall under the belief that we have no other purpose on this earth than to serve those who have the real purpose in life. But that is not true—it never has been. While our contribution to history has had to be made in a seemingly underhanded manner, we have done our part as well as we could have. But now, there is no need to passively contribute. We can do our part, and do it in style.

The hashtag #MoreThanCute comes from the website, whose slogan is “Sometimes the princess saves the day.” And at Brookhaven Retreat, LLC, we wholeheartedly believe in that possibility.

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