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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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A Warm Perspective On Winter Fashion

Sunday, 10 January 2016 00:00  by Christina M.


Day to day clothing choices can make a world of difference in changing your comfort level, mood and your look. I know that my mood affects my shopping, and the type of clothes I choose to purchase. Sometimes I purchase outfits based on the moods I hope to have, focusing on bright colors and patterns that flatter any figure and brighten my outlook. Sometimes I shop based on necessity and what I need to wear for certain weather. I have not thought about the broader implications of fashion trends, or how diverse items can be used for all women to express themselves until I read a recent article released by The New York Times. Perhaps the jacket that keeps me warm can also impact my mood and mental health as a whole.

A new winter trend that has a mood impact is the edgy and versatile biker jacket. Jackets are a necessity through the winter months for most climates, and adding in style and mood to any necessity makes the chore of wearing it more fun. Although your initial thoughts of a biker jacket may be that of leather clad motorcyclists, this new take on a vintage item can be quite versatile. The biker jacket can be paired with a chunky sweater, or an elegant dress and is being worn by businesswomen and models alike. Adding this warm leather and zipper addition to any outfit brings a modern day edge and confidence to any look. Joanna Nikas, of The New York Times, writes, “It seems to reflect – the mood of the world today”. I was strongly impacted by Nikas’ statement. Could an item of clothing reflect or even impact a mood, and on a global scale no less? This mood Nikas is referring to exudes confidence and independence and was especially visible when women of different backgrounds wear the biker jacket in their own way. Photographer Bill Cunningham photographed women of varying ages and styles integrating the biker jacket with their sense of style. The impact of their diversity and unifying mood is visually astounding.

Fashion has always been an art form of expression. Trends in fashion are an interesting way to observe the dynamic and diverse roles that women play in society. It seems that certain pieces can be worn as emblems of a mood, and just like moods themselves, can be worn and integrated differently for every woman’s own personal style. I know that I will make an effort to be mindful and appreciate the styles and moods of the women in my life more, and use fashion as a way to start a conversation about their unique moods and perspectives.

Last modified on Sunday, 10 January 2016 00:59

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