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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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Productivity and Therapy

Saturday, 06 February 2016 00:00  by Christina M.


Therapy can be helpful for personal growth and healing, but have you ever thought about therapy and its implications with productivity and business success? I hadn’t until recently. When operating a business, you would hire an auditor or contractor to make sure your business was following regulations. Doesn’t it make sense that you would hire someone to bring interpersonal perspective to make sure everything is running smoothly in respects to personal and business communications? Therapy can help resolve disputes and misunderstandings in many aspects of life. It is time to consider the power of mental health wellness, and all the facets of life that can be benefited through therapy.

The LA Times reported a situation in which therapy helped resolve a business dispute and reconcile business partners. Two business partners who had started a company together were struggling with the logistics of being friends, investors and business managers. Personal and professional boundaries were difficult, and as tensions escalated, the business was in jeopardy. After attending several therapy sessions together the friends and business partners resolved their professional and personal miscommunications. Their therapist said, while talking to LA Times, “the more successful companies are those that seek help when an issue first emerges; that's when he (the therapist) has most luck getting them to see a situation from each other's perspectives. Some companies are even now preemptively seeking counseling before any problems have arisen to safeguard against petty fallouts and personality clashes.”

The thought that therapy and mental health can affect productivity and business should not be foreign, but it had never come to mind before. Mental health affects the function of every aspect of our lives. Clearly positive mental health would have as deeply reaching of an affect. Clear lines of communication and healthy boundaries can be beneficial in every avenue of life. If you are healthy and able to communicate, then your day-to-day life can move more smoothly. When conflicts arise and disputes will happen, it is important to remember to approach all conflicts with the techniques taught through therapy. Seek input from a professional and build tools to anticipate and diffuse difficult situations. Therapy is a way of resolving conflict, and anticipating it before it can arise. Brookhaven Retreat® LLC, is a safe and nurturing place for women to invest in mental health wellness and recovery that will permeate throughout their lives. The tools learned at Brookhaven Retreat are able to be used time and time again, and bring a lifetime full of wellness rewards.

Quote Source: Los Angeles Times

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