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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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Spreading My Roots

Monday, 08 February 2016 00:00  by Christina M.


Trees spread their roots in one area, anchoring themselves deep into the dirt beneath them; or at least so I thought. Reading a nature article a few weeks past, I came across a type of tree that transitions its roots to “walk” across the rainforest floor. Extremely slowly, the tree actually “walks” over several years as it grows newer stronger roots to survive through eroding soil. What a completely new perspective.

I have always liked the comparison of families and relationships to living organisms like trees. Like trees, families and relationships require nutrients and are living things with roots and branches that reach out and dig deep. I had never thought about a family or relationship as a mobile entity. My family and their families before them have always moved. Not necessarily moving abruptly, but subtly and gradually. I have always had a support system of roots, but as a child I travelled quite a bit. I envied my friends who grew up in the same city all of their lives, who had generations right next door. As an adult I have traveled some, but been intentional in my relationships. I’ve kept lines of communication open with my close family and friends through all of the travels and moves.

My boyfriend’s family is connected and settled. Living in the same city, with only blocks between them. The more I get to know his family and friend groups I notice different kinds of connections. Yet, these connections feel similar to what I have known. What I envied when I was little was not so different from what I have. My family taught me how to have roots and connections and my boyfriend’s family is just one view of those connections from a different perspective. In both perspectives investing in those we care about remains consistent.

I realized that spreading roots looks differently to everyone, just as their way of communicating does, and that my family is no less connected. I admire others and the way they connect and strive to make genuine interactions an everyday occurrence. I wonder what other forms of expression and connection I have misunderstood or judged wrongly? What else could I have envied while not enjoying what I have? It is important for me to balance my observations with introspective mindfulness and look towards my unique composition. Realizing how I process, function, and connect helps me better relate to others and invest in relationships that are fulfilling.

Treatment and recovery for mental health are different forms of connecting that vary for every person. Healing and achieving mental health is so intimate because every person is so different, what brings us together is that we have needs for healing and recovery. How we go about our recovery journey is unique and personal. Brookhaven Retreat® LLC, understands the need for unique and individualized care and provides many options to truly engage each woman in their own recovery. Think of your unique needs and how best to nurture yourself, in recovery and in investing in relationships.

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