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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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Face Mapping: Facing the Truth

Thursday, 24 March 2016 00:00  by Yolanda F.


If your eyes are the mirrors of your soul, then imagine your face is a map of your body, with clear signs that point to the order and disorder, sickness or health. Think about it. A clear complexion is a good sign that your systems are functioning well. You can see when you’ve not been sleeping or when you’ve suffered with anxiety, and equally so, when you’re well-rested, absorbing enough Vitamin D, and so much more. In other words, the face doesn’t lie.

Thanks to the Hearty Soul online, I learned that face mapping is based on ancient philosophies that link skin conditions with internal conditions. It’s a do-it-yourself research project that takes little more than a mirror and some guidelines. Each “zone” of the face is associated with a certain organ. Each zone has its own little tale to tell and of course, each issue can be remedied with dietary changes.

Zone: Forehead – connects to the gallbladder and liver

If you have breakouts, meaning pimples and blemishes, in this area, it could be a sign of a sluggish digestive system and stress.

Remedy: Cut back on or avoid sugar, fat, processed foods and replace them with fiber, fruit and vegetables that keep your digestive track functioning properly. Manage your stress by applying mindfulness, exercise and other relaxation tactics. Drink dandelion tea or fresh lemon juice in warm water to detox your liver.

Zone: Space between your brows, right side – also connects to emotions stored in your liver

If you have wrinkles in this area, you are likely holding stress here or unexpressed anger.

Remedy: Cut back on or avoid alcoholic drinks and fatty foods because both put undue pressure on your liver. Try tactics for anger management and release. Try therapy, group counseling, journaling, or other forms of relaxation and stress release.

Zone: Eyes – connects to joints, thyroid and intestines

If you have an excess of white coloring in the iris, you may have joint degeneration. Spotty discoloration may mean intestinal malabsorption. If you can see a light ring around the iris, you may be eating too much salt and/or sugar.

Remedy: Avoid inflammatory foods and replace them with anti-inflammatory foods, like fish, nuts, seeds, turmeric and ginger. Avoid or cut back on caffeine, sugar, refined salt and process foods, all which create inflammation.

Zone: Underneath the eyes – connects with the kidneys

If you have darkness, swelling or puffiness in this area, you may have depleted kidney function.

Remedy: Drink more water, make sure it’s pure. Dehydration puts a lot of pressure on your kidneys. Get more sleep and minimize stress levels. Cut back on or avoid caffeine and alcohol, both which can dehydrate you.

Zone: Lower lip – connects to the digestive system

If you have brown spots, it may mean you have indigestion or insufficient digestive enzymes, or possibly parasites in the intestines. Lips that are too pale can also point to early stages of anemia.

Remedy: Take probiotics, eat iron-rich foods, and plenty of greens. Cut back on meat, and only eat lean red meat, if you are not vegetarian.

Zone: Tongue – connects to lungs

Each morning, you can look at your tongue to get a general read of your health. If you have white build-up in the middle or back area, you may have a backup of toxins in your intestines. Abrasions or frothiness on the edges may indicate depleted lung function.

Remedy: Detox! There are various ways to accomplish a healthy detox process, such as juicing and eating superfoods. You may also try using a tongue scraper. Cardio-based exercise and deep breathing exercises also help.

Zone: Chin – connects to hormones and stress

If you have pimples in this area, your hormones may be imbalanced, or you may have stress overload.

Remedy: Avoid unnatural beauty products, including chemical-based cleansers. Such toxins can interfere with proper functioning of the endocrine system. Reduce stress and get plenty of rest, sleep and water to stay hydrated.

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