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Brookhaven Retreat is Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organizations and is licensed by the State of Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities.


beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

We are a private pay treatment center and do not accept any type of insurance. Costs associated with care are the responsibility of the client.

Genuine Role Models

Friday, 29 April 2016 00:00  by Christina M.


Nia Vardalos is a successful actress, screenwriter, director, and producer. She has been praised for her realistic portrayal of women, and for including strong women in her casting. She has most recently been on the road doing a press tour for her new film “Big Fat Greek Wedding 2”. Vardalos mentioned how independent her 8-year-old daughter was in a recent interview. Verdalos said that her daughter asked to leave a movie after realizing that hardly any of the characters were women. Vardalos didn’t know the reason for leaving the film at the time, and was astounded that she even noticed.

This little outspoken 8 year old reminds me of the need for women role models, and for genuine every day women in every young girl’s life. Many children’s movies and fairytales feature a lone princess facing the world on her own, and young girls notice. In reality, the lone princess is just a myth. Women working together in community and supporting each other is what makes us shine. I know that I am who I am today because of the amazing everyday role models I have, not perfect but real, that showed me that I was not alone. When we are honest about our struggles and our needs we can truly nurture each other. Brookhaven Retreat ®, LLC is a unique place where women come together for genuine healing and recovery. For women and by women, Brookhaven Retreat ®, LLC is a place that respects genuine women and their journey to wellness.

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