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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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Creating Genuine Friendships

Wednesday, 04 May 2016 00:00  by Christina M.


A recent article in Psychology Today talks about social connections and what an invested friend looks like. The author of the article lists skills and habits that you can implement in your own life to increase your connectivity and obtain genuine relationships. I am grateful for the connections in my life. My investments in my relationships have been rewarding, and I enjoy the act of caring and being cared for by my close friends and family. I take time out of my week to meet with my close friends, to call family, and to write notes through out the week to connections far away. Below I have listed the 7 skills and habits Psychology Today listed and why I have found they are important in my life:

  • Focus on quality relationships over quantity
    It is not about the number of people that are on your social media accounts; it is the genuine connections and friendships with a close group that have a lasting impact.
  • Prioritize face-to-face interactions over digital or phone
    Taking time to meet face-to-face is personal and gives the opportunity to make new memories.
  • Be willing to share personal information with others and make yourself a little vulnerable
    When vulnerable with the right people it encourages mutual confidence and opens the door and relational growth.
  • Focus on listening to others
    Connecting and investing in relationship should be entirely mutual. Listening to others and learning to care for them but not carry their burdens is an important lesson in true friendship.
  • Ask questions
    Genuine interest and awareness of others needs builds from asking questions.
  • Don’t let minor personal differences get in the way of building relationships
    Sometimes it is best to step back and notice the commonalities and the general interests we share than to pick at the small differences.
  • March bravely into relationships without worrying about rejection
    Friendship is intentional, and true connections are exactly that, connections between people reaching out to each other.
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