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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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Reminders of Hope

Tuesday, 17 May 2016 00:00  by Christina M.


Reminders of hope come in all sorts of packages. I call it hope but it is also the strength and drive to move forward into recovery. I also call it a reminder, because that word implies that the hope and drive was never really gone in the first place. Some people are reminded of this hope and drive by music, family, or a task/career, but whatever it is that ignites the hope it is a moment that changes our perspectives and shifts away from the impossible and looks toward reality. So many times in addiction and mental illness we feel stuck, and void of opportunities. The beauty of hope is that it shows a new perspective that includes, not a perfect world, but realistic options of a new future with recovery.

I recently read about a moment of hope inspired by music. I love music, it helps give a soundtrack to the various happenings and moods of life, and when needed gives a different perspective for what mood I am stuck in. Famous guitarist Eric Clapton was recently quoted saying that a film with Prince’s music helped get him out of his depression and gave him the drive to continue making music. The experience Clapton explained was like a light in the darkness. In other words, if you think that all there is darkness even a glimmer of light can be a complete life changer, and for Clapton it was the encouragement and drive he needed to continue following his passion and writing music. It was not until after Prince’s death that Clapton went to Facebook to share this memory of the hope and drive he received from Prince so many years ago.

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