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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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Message in a Bottle

Thursday, 23 June 2016 00:00  by Administrator


The Associated Press released an article this week about a teenage girl who placed a message in a bottle. The girl, Terra Gallo, had placed a message in a bottle and sent it out to sea over three years ago. Just this week she received a letter in the mail from a fisherman in Spain who found her message. Her message traveled over 3,000 miles and took 3 years to find someone receptive of receiving it! But receptive the fisherman was, and placed a letter of his own in the original bottle and sent it back to sea per Terra’s instructions.

We send messages everyday. Messages are sent with our phones and computers, and with our actions and body language. Messages get received in all sorts of ways as well, and sometimes go unnoticed. Once we place a message, we cannot take it back, and we do not always see the results of the fruits of our labors. The road to recovery sometimes feels like placing bottles in the sea and waiting for the messages to be received. We work hard to learn life skills and send ourselves messages, to relearn habits, and nurture ourselves. Yet, we do not see the results of our work right away, and sometimes it can be discouraging.

Just like Terra had forgotten she had sent the message, sometimes we forget all of the hard work we put in to being the people we want to be in the future. Give yourself a moment to remember the messages that you have sent yourself. Think about what you want to intentionally send to yourself in the future, and keep living in the mean time. We are not always receptive or ready to receive certain truths or messages in our life until certain things change, or time makes us more available. Continue your recovery and day-to-day life. Sometime in the future you may be blessed by a message or a revelation that you yourself sent or planted.

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