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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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Advice to Graduates and Goal Setters

Friday, 24 June 2016 00:00  by Christina M.


I remember my summertime as a fresh graduate, when I graduated high school and then college. All of the pressure and expectations that I thought were placed on me ruminated through the summer. Everyone would ask what my life plan was, and I was continually in a state of anxiety and planning. Summer is now upon us. The time of year when life’s standard pace changes briefly and either slows down or speeds up. For some, this is the first step in the next step. The first summer after a large accomplishment, graduation or a career move can seem overwhelming with expectation and possibilities. If you have sat through commencement speeches you are probably saturated in opportunity and promise, but overwhelmed at how to accomplish it. If you have graduated, or simply want to take some time this summer to reassess your goals, start with yourself.

Many wise advisors give lists of actions and steps. I will not be doing that.

After a large achievement or in the calm before the new school year, you have enough tasks to worry about. Getting ready for the future and taking care of yourself is not about to-do lists. It is about making sure you are healthy for the upcoming months, and giving yourself the chance to be your healthiest. Give yourself time, whether it be hours or an entire summer, to focus on being nurturing to yourself, and to practice mindfulness. When in the midst of achieving goals and meeting stressful deadlines it is easy to lose track of oneself.

Think about your physical and emotional needs and make your needs a priority. What can you do to replenish your reserves and recharge your mental, emotional, and physical batteries? If you are planning on continuing school in the fall, or jumping directly in to a new business venture, setting aside some time this summer for your health and wellbeing will be an invaluable investment.

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