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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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The Positive Effects of Creating Healthy Boundaries

Friday, 01 July 2016 00:00  by Christina M.


When you give yourself the freedom to say no, it is astonishing what you can say yes to. Healthy limits can create so much personal growth and possibility for intentional relationships. Often in our busy lives we get caught up in stress and obligations. When we are not able to take care of ourselves or our needs, our friendships and mental health suffers. Below is a list of 10 great things that happen when you set boundaries and follow through.

  1. You’re more self-aware.
    When you take the time to be mindful and discern what to occupy your time with, you tend to realize what you actually need. If you do struggle with mental illness or addiction, self-awareness can help give you the insight to get the help you need.
  2. You become a better friend and partner.
    When you create healthy boundaries, you can healthily invest in the people in your life that you want to build long lasting relationships with.
  3. You take better care of yourself.
    When you are aware of what you need, and give yourself the time and space you need you can truly take care of yourself.
  4. You’re less stressed.
    When you have clear boundaries, you have less stress from trying to please others, and can focus on the relationships and goals that matter.
  5. You’re a better communicator.
    When you are directed and well rested, communicating is easier.
  6. You start trusting people more.
    When you develop intentional relationships, you build and earn trust.
  7. You’re less angry.
    A healthier you will be able to process and manage all sorts of difficult emotional in a healthy way.
  8. You learn how to say “no.”
    At first saying “no” will be hard. After creating a routine, and certain healthy boundaries, saying “no” will be a healthy way of not overextending.
  9. You end up doing things you actually want to do. Picking and choosing to surround yourselves with healthy people, options, and boundaries, will give you the things you truly want, and the freedom to do them.
  10. You become a more understanding person.
    The goal in being healthy is creating a sustainable routine and balance. When you create healthy boundaries it helps to reinforce the healthy habits and life skills you use everyday. Keeping yourself healthy helps you be able to handle changes and situations that may happen, giving you the understanding of experience and the patience that comes with mindfulness.
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