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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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Tips in Stability from a Traveling Woman

Tuesday, 12 July 2016 00:00  by Christina M.


A traveling New York based businesswoman recently spoke to BBC about how to live life while in a constant state of travel. Barbara Fiala travels several months out of the year. Even if you are a homebody, using her tips and suggestions can help you get the most out of your day. When we are dealing with recovery, addiction or mental illness related, we feel like we are in a constant state of transition or travel. Changing our minds and habits can sometimes feel like moving constantly. It takes an intentional and mindful approach to stay grounded while transitioning or traveling. Stress and unfamiliar surrounding can make it difficult to reach your potential. However, with small habits and intentional choices, you can create a more stable sense of self while remaining to travel or transition to a new and healthier you.

Fiala says that her sources of strength come from two main venues: communication and a solid routine. She always likes to arrive on location the night before, and wake up in the city she will be staying in. Starting off her morning with exercise and tea, Fiala does not put off things until after her trips, she includes them as part of her agenda. She says that often travelers put off exercising or reading books, various personal projects, until after the trip. She suggests incorporating your real life as part of the journey. Fiala takes yoga classes and enjoys reading while in various locations.

Fiala creates stability by planning visits with family and friends along the way, and staying with friends or family whenever possible. She frequents familiar restaurants, hotels, or establishments to create a sense of community while on the road. What can you do exactly where you are to create a sense of community and stability? In mental and emotional transitions the same senses of isolation and unfamiliarity can happen as when you are in a new city with new customs or a foreign language.

When life events make you feel like an outsider, adapt by being aware of your surroundings and learning skills to communicate and reach out to those around you. Fiala has learned that her entire marketing and business approach is different from location to location and tailored what she does for the specific cities she travels to. She makes these adjustments not because she has been told to, but because over time she has learned what works best with certain areas and business partners. Try using different life skills and techniques to communicate with the different people in your life. Being aware of differences and the various transitions others are experiencing will deepen your connections and make communication easier.

I am impressed and honored to have read Fiala’s advice, and see how essential these tips are for all sorts of travel and stability. Whether you are a world traveler, or are on a different kind of life journey, take time to create a routine and invest in relationships and communicating. Start making the life you want to live now, even if you are in a state of recovery and transition.

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