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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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National Best Friend Day

Tuesday, 19 July 2016 00:00  by Christina M.


This past week was National Best Friend Day. Celebrities and social media users everywhere took to the Internet with the hashtag #nationalbestfriendday to post pictures and memories of their best friends. I have many close friends and quite a few who have reached the joint status of “Best Friend.” Through recovery and the journey to wellness, healthy friendships take new meaning. When we become intentional about our actions and what we surround ourselves with, we too have to be intentional and mindful of our friendships. Sometimes this means getting rid or distancing ourselves from unhealthy relationships or choosing to strengthen new and healthy relationships.

For someone on the road to recovery, “friend” has new meaning. Now one must think about support systems and accountability, and let close friends know about sources of vulnerability. In honor of Best Friend Day, take time out of your week to update those close to you. If you are in search of a best friend, or need some help in cultivating healthy relationships refer to the list below for some tips originally posted by HuffPost.

Look for friends with common interests. If you’re involved in a faith community, a service organization, a gym, or even a committee at work, it is likely that there are folks within these groups that are potential friends. Common interests are a great starting point and lend themselves to connecting more easily.

Schedule a “first date.” There is nothing wrong with approaching someone, indicating that you think you have something in common with them, and inviting them to get coffee or dinner. You’re not asking for a lifetime commitment, but just a chance to see if you connect.

Make a commitment. Once you begin a friendship, you must be purposeful in developing it. Getting together regularly, sharing the ups and downs of life, and supporting one another are all aspects of a healthy friendship. Both people must commit to nurturing the relationship and keeping each other accountable to it.

Have fun. The icing on the cake of friendships is to have fun together. Whether you’re playing golf, going on vacations, or just watching a movie together, these fun activities become the moments that offer the perfect balance to the challenges in life.

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