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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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Never Too Late

Friday, 22 July 2016 00:00  by Jessica K.


I'm 35, almost 36 years old... Yeah that's right ladies, I have no qualms about saying my age, and I just learned I have a knack for painting, especially with pallet knives and abstract. I had no clue. Yeah, I know I'm crafty and tend to delve into whatever sparks my interest at the time and walk away from it once I get pretty good at it. I guess you could say I get bored of it or I've mastered it as much as I know I'm capable of doing. So I spend a lot of my time, when I'm off work and at nights, wielding a paintbrush, acrylics, a pallet knife, canvas and a YouTube video to get the basics. I've been pretty amazed at what I'm currently producing. It's awe inspiring when someone asks to buy my paintings...say what?!

Yes, little ole me is painting stuff worth buying after a few months of exploring the art of smearing colors into an image on canvas. You maybe asking, “Why would she even start something like that at her age?” I never planned on picking up something new because I have a lot of self-soothing type of hobbies and things that I do as a part of my recovery. It’s one of those things that fell into my lap in a colorful splash of happiness. I have been to at least two classes with Painting with a Twist and realized how soothing it is. This is going to sound totally kooky, but it's almost ethereal being able to blend colors, see the swirl of them, feel them spread across the canvas, hearing the swish of the brush or subtle scrap of a pallet knife. It's a balm to my soul and spirit. I could say this is self-care but then again it's more than my normal everyday does more for me within my spirit, my mind and my emotions.

When I slowed down and looked at things, I realized, I needed more than my average day to day self-care. I was stuck in a rut and was feeling out of sorts because parts of my life were overwhelming and so many changes had happened personally, professionally and romantically. I didn’t even have to go looking for it, it just happened. This, in itself, is a wonderful treasure. Another positive is, I love learning new things, expanding my horizons so to speak. I'm a firm believer in growing as a person. I don't recall if my father or papa said this, "Jessica, you stop learning, you stop growing and get stuck in the mud." I took that to heart. Why have I shared this tidbit with you? Because it's never too late to expand your horizons, to stumble upon something that quenches your soul and spirit.

Many people through time have found a new passion later on in life such as Van Goh (27), Grandma Moses (painter, 78), Vera Wang (designer, 40). Don't let age stop you. Don't be afraid to explore new things. Some of them may have stumbled upon these new passions or some may have always known this is what they enjoyed. I do know, at times we go searching for something to make things better and they’re not always things that are helpful and other times, it just happens. When we slow down, the world can provide opportunities to soothe our battered spirits in small ways; the rushing sound of a stream, the laughter of children, the warmth of the sun, the taste of sun ripened blackberries, the smell of spring…We don’t always have to go looking for new ways to provide this balm, sometimes its available if we will just slow down and listen.

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