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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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The F.I.T.T. Principle of Fitness

Tuesday, 16 August 2016 00:00  by Holly M.


Mixing up your normal fitness routine is crucial to continue to see results, and to stay motivated to be in shape. “The easiest thing to remember is the F.I.T.T. principle,” says certified strength and conditioning specialist Mike Donavanik. "It stands for frequency, intensity, time, and type." Change up two of those every four to six weeks, and your workout will keep your scale moving in the right direction,” he says. It’s definitely a challenge to step out of our comfort zone in this, or in most aspects of life for that matter, but we can all acknowledge how important it is. The human body adapts quickly to exercise stimuli, think about people who drink coffee, tea, or energy drinks to kickstart their day. They may start off with one cup or can. But as time progresses, their bodies adapt to this stimulant and more is required for the same effect. This is exactly how exercise works.

So we know our body needs a fitness routine change up, so what is the easiest and best way to do this? I love group exercise classes. These can range in size from 4-5 people in a small group, to over 100 in a large outdoor group exercise. Groups like these are always changing and evolving, and new ones are coming out all of the time. If you’re looking for something new, locally in the Knoxville area the “Dance2Fit” classes have been taking off like crazy (seriously, satellite classes happening all over the country now). This is a great new way to work out that includes hip-hop and other types of dancing to the newest music. I’m not much of a dancer however, so I like to try other types of classes. I love a good spin class for sure, BodyPump at Gold’s Gym is another great one that incorporates a cardiovascular workout with weightlifting which helps to tone muscles all over the body. Regularly I will do a Google search to find different workouts happening in the local area, and am always excited by these. There is everything from Pilates in small groups, to Zumba or Barre classes at a professional studio, to outside fitness or “bootcamps” in a local outdoor space. There are usually some great new options to be found.

Here lately the ladies at Brookhaven Retreat have had the opportunity to attend our local Gold’s Gym and experience their new class, “Pound.” This is a super unique class that allows you to most definitely try something different than you’ve ever tried before. The group is described as “A full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming. The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and Isometric poses. Drum your way to a leaner, slimmer physique – all while rocking out to your favorite music!” This class is just 45 minutes, so not too long of a commitment either.

In addition to these classes being a great way to change up your normal routine, they also offer a new way to meet people. Or, if you are nervous to take the leap and try a new class it’s a great opportunity to invite a friend along to share the experience with. I challenge you to challenge yourself. Step out of your comfort zone and attend a new class in your area, invite a friend along or make a new one in the class. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 16 August 2016 05:41

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