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beauty in life worth living

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Fall Craft Ideas

Friday, 22 September 2017 06:00  by Courtney B.

Of all the seasons, fall may include the most visual, iconic symbols and the richest color pallet. Between the big orange moon and the colorful leaves, fall provides inspiration for the creation of many arts and crafts projects. Everywhere you turn, the season is full of visual stimuli.

For those who struggle with their mental health during the colder seasons - possibly with a condition like SADS - Fall can be the beginning of a decline in your mood and motivation.

This is the perfect time to immerse yourself in a fall craft project. Creative projects aid in emotional expression while providing a rebalancing of thought and purpose. Art therapy has been shown to improve mental health and your overall mood, and fall crafts can give you the benefits of art therapy right at home!

Fall Craft Ideas for Adults

You can enjoy fall craft projects as a means of inner reflection and emotional expression, or you can make them social events by inviting friends to join you. There is a strong bond among people who create together. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Mason Jar Crafts

If you weren’t up for canning this year, here is another good use for those mason jars. All you need is a jar, some river rocks, a votive candle, paint and a leaf. If you do not have a real leaf, you can make due with a piece of paper cut into the shape one. Secure the leaf on the side of the jar and paint around it. You want to coat the whole jar in paint except for the portion under the leaf. That will serve as the window through which your candle will be visible.

When the paint is dry, remove the leaf. Fill the bottom of your mason jar with about an inch of river rocks. The rocks will protect the glass from the heat of the candle and hold the candle up in front of the clear window for better visibility. Place the votive candle on top of the rocks, and you are done. If you want to add additional decoration, you could tie a ribbon or some raffia around the mouth of the jar.

If stenciling a leaf on the jar is more advanced than your crafting skills, skip that part and paint the entire jar. Cut out a couple of leaves from colored paper, punch a hole in them where the stem would naturally attach, and run a cord through the hole. Tie the cord around the mouth of the jar to hold the leaves in place. Now you have a fall-themed pencil jar to keep your desk neat.

2. Pumpkin Pots

Terra cotta flower pots are naturally a pumpkin color. To make pumpkin pots to hold candy or other goodies, you will need a small pot and the matching saucer, a small wooden knob, glue and some coiled floral wire. Turn the saucer upside down and glue the wooden knob to the center of it. When the glue is dry, wrap a piece of coiled wire around it to make the curly part of the stem. Fill the flower pot with candy corns or other fall treats, and put on the lid, with the wooden stem in the middle of it, on top of the flower pot.

If you are up for a more advanced project, you can paint the pot and the saucer orange before affixing the “stem.” Paint on a base coat of cream color acrylic paint. When that is dry, paint over it with an orange acrylic paint. Add as many layers as you like until you get the coverage you want. You can also paint the wooden knob brown to give it a richer look. To add a more textured look, scratch up the orange paint with a little sandpaper to let the cream color show through in spots.

3. Painted Acorns

Painting gives acorns a bright, fun look you can use in your fall decor. You can start this project with a long walk in the woods gathering acorns. You will need a cookie sheet, some tin foil, a few different colors of acrylic craft paint and a small paint brush. Arrange your acorns on a tin foil-lined cookie sheet in a single layer and bake at 175 degrees for two hours. Let them cool before painting.

Using a small craft brush, paint the acorns with small strokes running with the grain of the nut. A light coat of paint will dry quickly, and you can add layers until you get the look you want. Consider using fall colors and some shimmery, metallic paints. You can paint them all the same color or mix it up. Let the acorns dry between coats of paint and when you are finished. When they are dry, you can arrange your acorns in a glass bowl, on a candy dish or anywhere you want to add some fall flavor to your decor.

Art Therapy as Part of a More Comprehensive Mental Health Treatment Plan

To learn more about art therapy and how it can be helpful as part of a comprehensive mental health treatment plan, contact Brookhaven Retreat.

Last modified on Tuesday, 10 October 2017 05:21

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