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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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Decrease Stress With Fall-Themed Crafts This Season

Tuesday, 09 October 2018 13:52  by Courtney R.

There's something truly unique about the fall season. As the weather cools and the colors of autumn crop up all around us, life seems to slow down after the hustle and bustle of the hot summer months. This makes fall the perfect season to de-stress. There are tons of relaxing autumnal activities, from baking apple pies to picking out a pumpkin for your front stoop. But one hobby that should not be overlooked is arts and crafts.

Art therapy is a component of many mental health treatment programs, including the one at Brookhaven Retreat. Whether you struggle with mental health issues or you're simply bogged down by stress, bringing arts and crafts into your life gives you a creative outlet to express yourself. It also has been shown to provide proven benefits for mental health, such as:

  • Creating a sense of calm
  • Blocking stressors from your daily life
  • Decluttering your mind
  • Engaging the creative thinking aspect of your brain
  • Increasing the brain's ability to grow new connections
  • Boosting self-esteem
  • Increasing feelings of love and empathy for others

5 Fall-Themed Crafts for Adults

If you're feeling stressed, then it's time to break out your crafting materials and get into the spirit of fall. Here are five fall-themed crafts you're sure to enjoy:

1. Fall Pumpkins With a Natural Twist

These understated and classy pumpkins don't scream Halloween. All you need are pumpkins of various shapes and sizes, white spray paint, mod podge or spray glue, a paint brush and an array of real or fake colorful fall leaves.

First, paint your pumpkin white. Once it's dry, spray your glue or apply your mod podge, then lay out your fall leaves in a pattern that pleases you. Then finish it off with another layer of mod podge, which will dry clear.

2. Pumpkin Mason Jars

Mason jars provide a fun rustic touch to any home, and this craft allows you to dress them up to resemble your favorite fall gourds. All you need are mason jars of any shape, white paint primer, orange acrylic or spray paint, green cardstock, small wood pegs and a glue gun.

Paint your mason jars and their lids with the white primer paint, and once that's dry, paint them orange. Cut your cardstock into leaf shapes and long thin strips. Wind the strips around pencils to create curly cues. Glue the leaves and curly cues onto the peg with your glue gun. Once dry, glue all this onto the mason jar's lid.

3. Fall Bucket List

Having a hard time figuring out which fall activity you and your family should do next? This craft is not only a fun decoration, but it's also a great way to decide what's next on your autumnal agenda. All you need is a small tin bucket, large popsicle sticks, a fun fall filler like acorns, leaves or candy corn, paint, a paintbrush and a sharpie.

This craft is simple. Paint your popsicle sticks fun fall colors and use the sharpie to write out some fall activities you'd like to do this season. Fill the bucket with your fall filler and stick the popsicle sticks inside. Then write "Fall Bucket List" on your bucket either with paint or sharpie.

4. Leaf and Book Page Banner

These banners combine the colors of fall with a little literary flair. First, go hunting for some colorful fall leaves and place them in books to dry out and maintain their gorgeous colors. You will also need an old book you don't mind cutting pages from and some twine.

Once your colorful leaves are dry, cut pages out of an old book in a pennant shape leaving extra room at the top. Glue the leaves onto the pennant using an adhesive of your choice. Fold the top portion of your pennant over and staple it. Once you've completed all your pages, string twine through your pennant pages, and you're done.

5. Paper Roll Pumpkins

This simple fall decor allows you to utilize common household objects that are usually tossed away — toilet paper or paper towel rolls. Along with these, you will need mod podge, decorations of your choice like pages from an old book or glitter, twine, twigs or cinnamon sticks and burlap.

Decorate your rolls however you wish — think gold glitter or book pages adhered with mod podge — then cut the roll into small rings. You can string these together using twine to form your pumpkin shape. The cinnamon sticks or twigs will make the stem of the pumpkin, and the burlap you cut into leaf shapes and glue them to the top.

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