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Tuesday, 06 November 2012 03:41

Time to Disengage

Written by Jessica W.

Like anything in life, recovery is best accomplished while avoiding multitasking. Doing several things at once affects performance, but avoiding doing so is becoming increasingly difficult.

With time and innovation has come the ability to connect the entire world in a web of knowledge, information and communication. Our world is constantly abuzz with the sound of ever-present technology: a cacophonous symphony of e-mails, text messages, status updates, private messages, tweets, ringtones, television shows, radio programs and more.

And each of these things, in its own way, is calling for our attention, to be watched, listened to or answered right away. This progress comes with the benefit of education: we know more about and are more connected to the world around us than we have ever been before, yet at the same time, cannot fully connect with it because this constant noise overwhelms and distracts us. These constant attention seekers disconnect us from the things that we wish to accomplish and cause unnecessary anxiety.

So often, we forget that these innovations are meant to expand our quality of life, not disconnect us from our homes, hobbies, interests, loved ones, or more importantly, the quiet within ourselves. It is impossible to assess and rejuvenate mental health when surrounded by distractors.

When we take the time to disengage from the demands of a noisy world and leave technology behind, we find ourselves in silence. We reconnect with the tangible things that matter so that when we return to our lives of connectivity, we are aware of the proliferation of media and technology as well as its possible interference.

One of the best things about Brookhaven is the importance it places on disengaging from outside noise. When women put down the accessories of everyday life, they can listen to their inner selves. They can take a quiet, unhurried look around and decide for themselves what they want out of life and how to achieve it.

Everyone should take time away from the distractions in life to be alone and simply listen. This reduces stress and anxiety, increases awareness and lets us reconnect with our innermost selves.

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