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Friday, 09 November 2012 05:28

Recognizing Achievement

Written by Jessica W.

An unfortunate accompaniment of womanhood seems to be a propensity for giving ourselves too little credit. We are taught to be humble, disdainful of self-satisfaction and always seem to share the spotlight when we recount our accomplishments. It seems there is a fear of confusing taking pride in our accomplishments with flaunting them. This can negatively impact mental health by failing to encourage women to believe in their greatness.

Given this proclivity for underestimating ourselves, how are we ever to envision ourselves capable of doing great things? And more importantly, recognize when we do so? If we don’t think ourselves capable of greatness, we as a result undervalue our current accomplishments.

There are so many things women are capable of that they don’t realize or give themselves credit for. Women accomplish great things in their careers, personal and family lives every day.

This weekend, I drove through the mountains to enjoy the last of the fall foliage. I remember driving down the leaf-strewn streets, my car sending leaves flying like poetry in the wind when it hit me: I’m a novelist! Somewhere along the road of my life, I had composed four novels and never even given myself credit. I always encourage other women to do it, but I never actually share that I have four novels under my belt. I’ve never even admitted this accomplishment to myself!

Credit is something we should seriously consider giving ourselves. Fulfillment in our accomplishments makes us happy. It paves the way for recognizing the value in what we do, for building self-worth and better delivering our best selves to others.

I hope that women everywhere will learn to let go of anxiety by recognizing their worth, taking pride in their many wonderful accomplishments and realizing that yes, they are amazing each and every day.

Because you never know what you can accomplish until you try it. Set a goal that to you may seem outrageous; a real, true accomplishment if anyone could see it done. Then do it. You never know what you will learn along the way, or what strength you will find at the end.

You may not reach the end of your novel, or get to the top of the mountain just yet, but what you will have accomplished will be nothing short of amazing: you will have recognized your inner, unconquerable greatness.

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