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Saturday, 10 November 2012 05:20

Train UP a Child in the Way She Should Go … The Conditioning of Incest

Written by Donita B.

If you tell your mother…the truth is…she can never take care of herself,
   or you, if she leaves

If you tell the family…the truth is …you will destroy their lives
   like radiation from a bomb

If the world knows…the truth is…they will label you,
   your life and your family…ruined

But, the truth is…you are special and you know I love you…
   don’t you?

Childhood incest is a very difficult topic to openly talk about. This is easy to understand, because for a preadolescent child, there is an element of truth to the above statements.

First, a conditioned child does not understand the extreme effort that has gone into isolating a mother with the constant impaction of sinister and subtle degradations. Second, a child knows that no grandmother or mother or dad will ever come and say, thank you for exposing the family to the ridicule of such heinousness. And then, who can possibly understand the conditioning of society's response. On one hand there is the astounding pity of strangers, who assume no one in your life is able to care for you. On the other hand, sometimes these same strangers react as though you are about to infect them with leprosy…they make it clear…don’t play with my kids…don’t marry my sons…don’t represent my causes or my companies…hush! Say it is not true. Many times these children grow up feeling as though they should cry out, Unclean! Unclean! So everyone can pass by on the other side.

But, the truth is…you are special and you know I love you…don’t you?

These are just some of the conditioning thoughts of incest. Such conditioning affects the mind and the body. Fear, isolation and insecurity all have a chemical/hormonal merry-go-round effect on the body and emotion. Furthermore, our perceptions of life directly affect the consequential choices we make. Studies have shown that the conditioning of childhood incest clearly manifests itself throughout the adult life. Survivors of incest are shown to have prevalence of depression, anxiety and compulsions that may include sex, drugs and spending.

Surviving incest is a tedious business and in order to get positive results, it requires a safe haven to even begin. It requires a place to build new perception through the discovery and reclamation of ones own self; mentally, physically and spiritually.

Brookhaven Retreat is a comprehensive recovery retreat for women, by women, and has been a haven of recovery for thousands of surviving women. Who have learned to say to themselves:

But, the truth is…you are special and you know I love you…Yes I do!

Please call us at 865-573-3656.

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