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Tuesday, 20 November 2012 06:58

Explains, Not Excuses

Written by Jaqueline Dawes

The whole desire for self-understanding is essential to find your life’s framework. A life framework is the structure needed for self-empowerment.

So much fear, anxiety and stress are reduced, and even contained, if you built boundaries that form your framework. Boundaries serve a two-way function. A firm barrier for others preventing them stepping into unauthorized emotional space. They also act as a restraint on you walking into areas that you know have failed in the past and are likely to injure you again.

I recently heard somebody say 'Your past might explain you, but it does not excuse you.' Understanding how you developed and how you became you often has the key to why emotional detachment has sometimes created an emotional shelter that eventually did not protect anymore.

Everything you own requires replacements, repairs and maintenance. This is just honest truth. The most valuable thing you own is your health. Things that have happened in the past do not have to be a reason to not have an emotional health maintenance program today. Depression is such a crushing illness that hope seems so remote. The only way out is to emotionally move, not backwards, but forwards.

Make a list of all the collateral you have today. A friendly smile, good with animals, an organizer, a reader, a helpful heart. Make an accounting of all the treasures in your emotional treasure chest. It might brighten the mood, let the past be the past and give you tools for the future.

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